Types of Accounting and Its Importance as A Career

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What Is Accounting?

The prime objective of accounting is to record and to track down the financial data of the company, such as cash flow income and expenses of the firm. Accounting is much necessary for the business to maintain financial health for the good of the stakeholders.

What Are the Types of Accounting?

There are different types of accounting and one can pursue a career in accounting in any one of the fields. Let’s see some types of important types of accounting.

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is all about the financial reports for the external and internal use of the organisation. Financial accountants work along with the team for the desired results in profitability. They further record each and every transaction of the business to maintain the standards and to keep the record throughout the year. This helps them to ensure that the internal procedures are followed perfectly. It is important to follow International Financial Reporting Standards for every organisation as the same rules are followed all around the globe. Financial accounting helps to understand the current situation of the organisation.

Management Accounting

Management accounting is all about monitoring the financial plans of the organisation and to make sure that the strategies are implemented as per the plan. Management accounting is more about documentation for personal use instead of external stakeholders. The Management Accountant needs to keep the information about the organisation confidential and not to share it with anyone at any cost. Their main objective is to create a budget along with the top management to meet the goals of the organisation.

Cost Accounting

Cost accounting is considered as one of the subcategories of Management Accounting where accountants are responsible to review the documentation, presentation, and manufacturing cost of the organisation. They specifically analyse the variable along with the fixed cost to check whether the output will be positive & if it is significant to produce a product. Cost accountants are also involved in the decision-making process based on the financial forecast of the organization which further involves advancing the production.

Tax Accounting

Tax accounting is all about the procedure involved throughout filing every year. Tax accounting is used for the organisations and for the individual use of the citizen to pay their tax according to the defined limits. Tax Accountants are involved to plan the future text return of the organisation and to avoid the uncertainties and burden of filing a return.


There are two subcategories of auditing that are external and internal auditing. They both fall under the category of public accounting where external auditing involves a third party to check the financial statements of the organisation and provide feedback accordingly. The third party is considered as one of the authentic sources that confirm if the financial statements of the company are as per the standards or not. Internal auditing reference to the internal procedures of accounting and Finance. The internal auditor must check the procedures of every transaction which includes a review of employees, policies of Management, and the approvals for the projects.

Public Accounting

Public accounting provides professional advice to the client as per their requirements and needs of the business in order to meet the standards and the demands of the current situation. They deal in all kinds of services which can include tax returns, installation of Technology, auditing, legal advisers, and many more.

Why Accounting Is Significant as A Career?

Choosing a career in accounting is one of the most significant ways to invest in your education throughout academic life. Students often select their careers without thinking that a specific program will be a good return on investment.  There is a growing demand for accountants as they have a better understanding of the finance required knowledge to maintain the operations of the organisation.

Types of Accounting and Its Importance as A Career
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Types of Accounting and Its Importance as A Career
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