The Structure of Your Argumentative Assignment

Argumentative essays are generally a type of essay that is taught at a higher level and not to children. Why? Well we will get into the nitty gritty of it later on in this article. But, if you have an assignment about one and are struggling to write an argumentative essay then this is the perfect article for you. We are going to provide you with brilliant online assignment help so that you can ace your assignment and turn in such a wonderfully written essay that even your teacher will be amazed.

However, remember that an argumentative essay is unlike any other type of essay. In this piece you will have to choose a particular side and argue as if you are trying to convince your audience that your side is the correct one. So it is natural if it does not come to you in your first attempt, do not be afraid of redrafting your essay a few times.

The Introduction

This is the perfect place to introduce the topic to your audience. What makes up a compelling introduction is that it needs to be able to draw in the reader and make them want to read more. Start off with the background information of your topic, what it is about and perhaps why you chose it. It could be something that is meaningful to you and that can create an attachment with the audience too. Then you will need to reel them in, a fun way of interacting with the audience at this part is by asking them a question in your essay. It should be something related to your topic and something that will make their winds wonder around and want to read further on for the answer. Questions are a brilliant hook if used correctly.

Lastly, introduce your thesis statement. This is a statement that will give the reader, in one or two lines, what your entire essay is going to be about. Do not draw out the thesis statement. Make sure it is clear cut and gets directly to the message.

Getting on to the Thick of it

After you have written a compelling introduction, we need to move on to presenting the argument that you have constructed. The problem that students often face is that they forget to include cold and hard scientific facts that pertain to the topic. Rather, emotions are used to sway the audience. However, what you must remember is that argumentative essays are meant to have scientific facts in them as evidence that support your argument. So, make sure to research and include them in yours too.

Make sure that each piece of evidence you use is given its own paragraph. This will make it much easier for the reader to digest the information and understand what is going on. What professional assignment writers do is that they include one or two major points they believe the opponent will propose as well and then argue against it. Introducing your opponents points in your own article will put you on much higher ground and might even shock the everyone. Disproving their evidence might even have the effect of scrambling their essay and making it redundant overall. Something you might not want to do to a friend.

Wrapping it all Up

As you get to the end of the essay. Remember to link your last words back to the thesis statement you proposed. It is important you to this because it helps establish a link in the mind of the reader about what you had said earlier and how you argued all of it till the end. It will definitely help in supporting your side of the argument. Additionally, make sure to wrap up any loose ends and to give a concluding word as to why you chose this topic and the importance of it in current times. If it is a topic that is not that important to the world, you can even end your essay by answering the question you first proposed. This will also assist in making the reader believe in your side of the story.

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The Structure of Your Argumentative Essay Assignment
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