How to start Writing an assignment

Being a student is great responsibility especially in the higher classes. When a teacher decides to give an assignment to write the students firstly ignore the deadline for days. And when the time passes by you suddenly realise about the time you have wasted. But it’s no use to cry over spilt milk. As a result of haste the assignment cannot be prepared properly to attain good marks. The student can try to coupe up.  Here are some stages to write a quality assignment.


Planning is the basic and foremost point to be kept in mind while starting any task in the world. As a student you have to focus and plan about the activities you have to perform and then act accordingly with the plan. The plan would include the format in which the assignment has to be written, resources from where the references will be taken, to make a rough draft first before copying it somewhere else.

Analyse the questions being asked:

The questions being asked in the assignment has to be analysed first, which means you have to understand what it means and what it intends to ask. The question can sometimes be deceiving, thus it would feel that you do not know the answer but by thinking outside the box can be useful for providing you with the appropriate answer. Brownie points can also be earned from the teacher if something unexpected and marvelous is done by the student.


One of the most important steps in assignment writing is research. If the research made is according to the data acquired from sources, handbooks, old researches, statistical evaluation from figures and events then the assignment would be legit and authentic-+86 . This way the authenticity of the assignment can be proved.

Outline to be constructed:

You have understood the question, made a plan to follow and the research is also completed. This brings you to the next phase in assignment writing which is to construct an outline. An outline is a framework according to which anything can be built. This outline will then determine what to write and what not to. The outline consists of headings for the assignment which are number wise. All the headings have to be explained properly as to get the general idea of what is being talked about. In this way you will be able to know the amount of time it will get finished in and the excessive pressure from your shoulders will be finished.


The main work regarding the assignment will start when you start writing the assignment by now. The headings been made can be taken help from. All you have to do is to explain each heading along with proper references and citation needed. The writing should be concise and well illustrated.


All the work is done now along with the first copy of the assignment made, you can proofread it now so that the work done by you is plagiarism free.

How to start Writing an assignment
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How to start Writing an assignment
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