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What Is Management?

The basic and prime objective of the management is to work with the provided resources to meet the goals of the organisation effectively and efficiently. It is a habit of a good manager to work in the best possible way without wasting any of the available resources regardless of any nature.

What Is Business Management?

Business management this all about coordination and organisation of the business activities by using the available resources in the best possible way. Business management is about planning, organising, directing, and controlling the business resources to make the best for the organisation.

For example, you have been selected as a business manager and are provided with many major responsibilities to manage administrative, accounting, marketing, and budgeting procedures to run the business smoothly and to meet the goals effectively. There is much competition in the respective field of business management. It is important for the students to complete their degree in Business Administration, accounting, or marketing to earn a good position for business management in professional life.

Business management assignments are not easy for the students. It takes them to make some efforts and show some commitment to meet the requirements. Online business management assignment help can develop a right understanding of the concepts among students.

Before talking about business management, it is good for the students to first understand the essentials of basic management that can help to clear the concepts of management. Let’s list down some of the essentials of Management.

Functions of Management

Planning, organising leading, and controlling are the four basic and traditional functions of Management. Let’s see each one of them in detail.


Planning is all about the right actions to achieve the specified goals in the best possible way. An entire process is an act of researching, analysing, and anticipating the changes ahead.

now the question arises that what exactly it takes to plan the activities? Some of the difficult situations that are essential to plan the business or any other activities.

  • First, you have to understand what exactly is happening in the present. It is essential to analyse the current situation if you want to plan for the future.
  • Foreseeing the future of the business by using different strategies, techniques, and historical data.
  • The most important thing is to understand the objectives of the organisation if you don’t know what exactly is the requirement of the organisation.


Organising is all about the relationship between work, people, and available resources to achieve the goals of the organisation effectively and efficiently. Let’s see some of the steps involved in organising the available resources in the best possible way.

  •  It is essential to first fix the objectives of the organisation.
  •  Now, identify and list all the activities that are a must to achieve the prime objectives.
  •  Create different departments as per the requirement of the activities.
  •  Delegate the responsibilities to the staff members accordingly.
  •  Authority and relationship between superior and subordinate staff.
  •  Staff members are provided with the required resources such as money, machine, material, and many other things that are used to achieve the objectives of the organisation.


Leading is about directing and guiding plans of action. This further includes encouraging the efforts and commitment to achieve the desired goals of the organisation. The main objective of the leading is to make the staff high performers through inspiring, directing, motivating, and communicating effectively with the employees or in groups. It involves a day-to-day connection with the people helping and guiding them to inspire towards achieving the team goal. Leading is not something limited to some certain posts, but it takes place in teams, groups, departments, and in many other divisions of the organisation.


Controlling is the fourth and final essential of Management. It is specifically designed to control and monitor the progress and to implement the required changes. Sometimes managers implement their plans and their plans do not work out as per planning. Controlling is a much goal-oriented function of marketing. Every manager should exercise control as it is considered as a primary function for every manager regardless of any post or nature. The prime objective of control is to find out whether the implemented plans are working as per the standards or if they are deviating from the original plan and the results.

Essentials of Management: Business Management Assignment Writers
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