Conducting A SWOT Analysis: Assignment Help

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Every commerce student has to deal with the SWOT analysis assignment in the very first semester of the program. It doesn’t matter if you are a marketing, management, or business management student, you must have to deal with this assignment at least once in your academic life. SWOT analysis is one of the best tools to check out the strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats for a business, organisation, or individual. It is considered one of the most effective assignments that students have to perform at the very beginning of the semester.

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What Is SWOT Analysis?

SWOT analysis is considered as one of the most effective tools to check out the current position of the business or an organisation. SWOT analysis allows the organisation to check the current position before implementing and changing the strategies throughout the organisation. It always allows you to see what are functions are performing according to the standards and what are the factors are restraining the organisation to meet the objectives.

Checking out the current situation of the organisation is not the only benefit of SWOT analysis but, it also helps to predict the results of implemented strategies throughout the organisation. The main objective of SWOT analysis is to analyse the risk factors and to remember the reason for failures.

The first step is to create a square SWOT analysis matrix. There are specifically two ways to conduct the SWOT analysis that are formal and informal ways of SWOT analysis. However, both of the ways requires a brainstorming session to get the right understanding of the current position of the organisation or a business. One of the most important thing that I would like to tell you is to list down each and every idea that comes to your mind about the strength, weakness, threats, or opportunities. If you fail to list down ideas timely, then there are chances that you may forget the key points that are important throughout the SWOT analysis.

Today we are going to discuss some of the basic considerations and the complete process of how to conduct a SWOT analysis for the organisation or a business.


Strength can be defined as one of the most important factors for the business which incorporates things that a specific business can do better than the competitors in the competitive market. If you want to check out the strength of this specific organisation of a business, then I would recommend you to inspect the available resources of the organisation and to analyse how they utilise these available factors of production in the best possible way. If a specific organisation or a business is using their available resources in the right way, then it would be considered as their strength.

The main and the most important part of a company is its strength over other competitors. Other than that, it is important for you to find out what are the main factors that can take you ahead of your competitors in the market. Finding out the important aspect that allows you to perform better than your competitors in the market.


If you want the swot analysis tool to give you the most significant results, then it is important that you play honestly while noting down the weaknesses of your business or an organisation. When it comes to finding out the weaknesses of the organisation, make sure that you play realistic while finding out the weaknesses effectively. Throughout finding the weaknesses of the company, it is mandatory to check out the available resources and to check the procedures to strengthen the productivity of the company or a business.

One of the worst things you can do is to play blind while noting down the weaknesses of the organisation, business or individual.


Opportunities are considered is a bunch of chances for the organisation to do something better and one step ahead of the competitive market. Opportunities are considered as external factors of the organisation. They are considered as external factors because the opportunities always arise from outside of the organisation. It is important for the organisation to stay focused and to keep an eye on the opportunities arising throughout the competitive market. It is important to reach out for the opportunities at the right time, however, necessary to check out the relevance and reliability of opportunities available in the market.

The opportunities that are found outside of the organisation can be a change in technology. It is important for the organisation to keep looking for opportunities to perform better than competitors.


Threats are also considered as an external factor for the organisation. Threats are always arising from outside the organisation. Threats can be a change or a fluctuation in the stocks of the organisation or an issue in specific outdoor operations of the organisation.


SWOT analysis is considered one of the most effective tools to check out the current position of a company, business, or individual. The above-mentioned details allow you to complete your SWOT analysis assignment according to the standard and the guidelines given by the teachers.

Conducting A SWOT Analysis: Assignment Help
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Conducting A SWOT Analysis: Assignment Help
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