A 2020 Guide to Avoid Plagiarism in Writing University Assignment

Plagiarism has always been a worry for the writers regardless of any field. Students also have to face the same difficulty during their academic period. They are provided with different writing activities which include dissertation writing, assignment writing, essay writing, quiz, and many more. The objective of these writing activities is to provide the best understanding of the topic through various requirements. If students are worried for their grades they need to know the significance of assignment writing. These assignments can change your grades throughout the semester and the entire program.

One of the basic barriers in assignment writing is plagiarism. It is not specifically only for an assignment but for all kinds of academic writing faces the same basic hurdle during the process of writing. Students find it tough to fulfil the essentials of custom assignment writing. Writing a custom assignment requires a lot of effort, and commitment to a certain time, to work on the requirements as per the standards. If you ever had the experience of professional assignment writers,you must have a know-how of the writing standards and the entire structure of writing. These writers have worked hard to produce the custom assignment. Their knowledge, commitment, skills and hard work makes them prepare the premium quality for assignment. Students can achieve these primary goals easily, but they have to work hard and to follow the right direction according to the standards to experience the best results.

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is copying someones else ideas or the work and presenting the same as its own. For example, you are writing a dissertation about marketing for a certain topic, and you copied and pasted the same of some other author in your research paper, and the research paper is published on your name, this is plagiarism and a serious legal and ethical crime. Similarly, if you writing a university assignment you must consider that copying and pasting the same can lead your essay paper in the increase of plagiarism.

What to Avoid For Plagiarism-Free Assignment Writing?

You have to follow the right direction and the procedure to produce plagiarism-free writing for your assignment. However, you have to avoid certain things and to follow specific things to prepare your assignment without plagiarism. Let’s discuss what are they;


You have to write the entire assignment based on previous researches. Many students think that writing for an assignment is all about new things. No, It is totally based on the authentic historical informational data. If you want to use the information of someone else in your assignment, never use the same words for the information. You have to rephrase the required information in your own words that will support the topic of your assignment.  So if you are taking the information from some other source, provide the citation at the end of the information. A citation includes the name of the author and the year of publication of the informational document, for example. (Alexander, 2002).

Perceive The Context

Students need to understand the entire context of the topic. Once you develop a deep understanding of the subject it will be easier for you to effectively rephrase the words. The topic is something that gives you the idea of what to think and how to think. When you get the answer to these questions you will slowly and gradually come to grasp the deep knowledge of the entire context. This will be going to help you in the process of custom assignment writing.                


Paraphrasing is to write someone’s else idea or work into your own words. It may look easy to read, but it is really difficult to do so. You have to find the right words for paraphrasing, as choosing the insignificant words can change the entire meaning of the sentence and can result in plagiarized assignment writing. Don’t use the similar words of the author, try to use the most relevant and effective words. Make sure that the sentence doesn’t lose its original meaning and essence.


There is a limited amount of words that you can quote in your entire assignment writing. You cannot change anything from the quote, just place as it is on your document. It is important to follow the required direction while quoting to avoid plagiarism in your assignment.


Referencing is one of the most effective ways to avoid plagiarism in your assignment writing. You have to provide the references at the end of the document. Now there is a confusion in the mind of many students that what is a difference between a citation and referencing? Well they are almost the same with a little change in detail. You provide the citation then and there, as soon as the information ends, while you provide the references at the end of the document with the proper link and details of the source.

A 2020 Guide to Avoid Plagiarism in Writing University Assignment
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A 2020 Guide to Avoid Plagiarism in Writing University Assignment
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